Construction Management Software.

  • Strengthen decision making
  • Improve data sharing
  • Ensure compliance
  • Mitigate risk
  • Enhance profitability

6 reasons why you should install a Simtec solution in your business.


We help businesses optimise data management by developing intuitive software that meets their exact requirements.


Collect, access and share your data where-ever, whenever, on any device.


Standardise business critical processes. Save time, money, mitigate risk and improve standards companywide.


Need to track the source of your data? Automatically tag its location on creation, in app.

Reporting & analytics

Work smarter and faster. Analyse, report and share your data with internal and external stakeholders.

Single source of truth

Know that the data you are looking at is correct. No more second guessing spreadsheets.

A pain-free methodology for all

We get it. Digital projects are often seen as painful and a drain on internal resources. Not to mention your own mental energy. That’s why we’ve engineered a fully outsourced, and structured delivery method. Ensuring you get the software you need–minus all the headaches.

Let's get this show on the road!

Schedule a 30 minute consultation with us to start exploring the exciting prospect of building a tailor made system.

You will sit down with one of our consultants who will talk to you through how best to make your vision a reality.

Our goal is to gain enough information to provide you with estimated costs and timescales.

Once agreed we move to Discovery.

This is the most important step.

We already have a rough idea at this point, but we dig far deeper, working closely with your team to develop a detailed list of requirements.

Once this step is complete we provide you with a statement of work that includes an executive summary, our proposal, a project timeline, your investment, and a payment schedule.

Now we get to work.

Next, we'll get working on the layout of the software and the key flows that the system is being built around. At this point, we will be able to show you a clickable prototype.

Then, we start developing your system.

The development phase is where your system is brought to life by our talented team.

We will keep you updated with our progress, occasionally ask for you to provide information, or clarify something, but other than that you can put your feet up and leave this bit to us.

Hit the ground running.

Simtec measure the success of our software by the rate of adoption. Our overall goal is to build software that your teams can use 'out of the box', with minimal guidance. This is why we take a user-led approach.

We make sure your teams know how to navigate and get the most out of their new system by delivering group training, producing downloadable training guides, and providing continuous system maintenance to ensure your team's ongoing success.

Let's GO!

We thoroughly test your software and then deploy it.

We will always launch over the weekend after your training, ready for the Monday. We've found that the shorter space of time between training and launch the more common it is to need retraining. 

Once live we remain hyper responsive during your first 4 weeks. Our development team will be ready-and-waiting for any tiny changes if needed. 

Industry Feedback

It was a pleasure to work with Simtec to digitise our MMP process.
The work ultimately lead to a decrease in the demand on resources and time whilst providing accurate records we could use to prove compliance to regulators.
Luke Robinson
Senior Environmental Advisor
(SMP Alliance) Costain Group
Simtecs solution helps collate, verify and manage DoWCoP data in one space.
A system which allows for the easy management of data in this way will support the Infrastructure Commission's ambition for an upturn in output and a step forward in the sectors digital maturity."
Jonathan Evans
Senior Associate Director

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